Authorized distributor and Service centre in Canada

You deserve the right of choice

Industrial One has been active distributor of Rugged mobility solutions in Canada since 2018, always staying on track of the best quality products out in the market, working with leading manufacturers in the industry of Military and Industrial grade Telecom and computer equipment.

As a privately owned corporation, we are proud of being able to stand together with some of the biggest brand names in the world. We are able to do that, thanks to the support of manufacturers and our loyal clients, that believed in us since day 1.

We are consultants and distributors, our mission is to advise you, what devices will be a best fit into your environment, leaving the final choice with you. We know, time is money, this is why we take the research and testing part off your hands.
We spend thousands of dollars every year to order and test new devices, to make sure that we only offer you the best product on the market.